Brookfield History and Corporate Structure[edit | edit source]

Brookfield Asset Management is an international conglomeration of companies spread throughout the Americas, Europe, The Middle East and Australasia, with total assets north of $120 billion ($21B in Canada, $66B in the US, $16B in Australia and Asia, $15B in South America and $4B in Europe and the Middle East) and an annual revenue of $13 billion as of 2010. Brookfield Asset Management's clients mainly include governments, institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Brookfield’s headquarters are in Toronto and New York City; the parent company is incorporated in Canada and publicly traded on the NYSE and the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company was founded in Brazil in 1899 as the São Paulo Railway, Light and Power Company.

Brookfield's public subsidiaries include Brookfield Office Properties (based in New York), Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, Brookfield Renewable Power, Brookfield Office Properties Canada, Brookfield Residential Properties, Brookfield Real Estate Services and Acadian Timber. Brookfield Asset Management’s CEO Bruce Flatt is but one of fourteen “senior managing partners” which include the heads of each major subsidiary or international operation. BAM senior management team

Brookfield Annual Report

Brookfield Code of Ethics

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